Trudeau McChicken


Posted by Jordan Vandenhoff on Friday, February 4, 2022

When the people of Canada push back, the Canadian PM goes into hiding.

Days before the freedom convoy 2022 was set to land in the city of Ottawa, Justin Trudeau who was seen on across many media’s outlets taking his covid-19 vaccine shots suddenly claimed that he had exposed to covid-19 and would have to go into self-isolation.

The debate is out if Trudeau really has been exposed to covid or just hiding from the truckers.

Is Justin Trudeau fit to run this country is a question many Canadians should be asking themselves?

Buyback Mandatory

On December 16Th 2021 MP Marco Mendicino said in a SECU meeting via zoom that the government was listening and they would be making the buyback of the 1500 firearms and variants mandatory.

To me it seems like they are only listening to one side, the anti-gun lobbies have been calling for a mandatory buy back since the Order in Council was first announce on MAY 1ST of 2020.

Canada’s National Firearms Association Youtube Channel