Liberals Are Looking For Advice

Trudeau’s government banned 1,500 popular models of shotguns and rifles in May 2020, calling the firearms “assault-style” although the Trudeau government has never defined what “assault-style” means.

A new request for information posted on the government’s tender and contracts website hints that the federal department tasked with imposing Trudeau’s gun control measures absolutely have no idea how to implement the buy-back program aimed at compensating innocent owners of firearm models caught in the May 2020 OIC (Order In Council) 

The intent of this request for info is to determine the capacities and capabilities that currently exist within the marketplace to deliver on the notional requirements of the envisioned commodity for the buyback program. Public Safety Canada is responsible for the Buyback Program following the prohibition by the Government of Canada, on May 1, 2020, of over 1,500 models of assault-style firearms and other weapons.

The primary intent of this program is too safely buy back these newly prohibited firearms from society, while offering fair compensation to businesses and lawful owners impacted by the prohibition. As such, Public Safety Canada is currently examining an array of implementation and delivery solutions, including the potential for contracting out a project team to make the necessary adjustments as the project evolves.

We are now over two years since the ban first started and we have seen nothing except a bunch of political theatre. Gun control is now the number one choice by this government, in order to change the page and distract from all the scandals that have come to light.

My firearms are not for sale!

Buyback Mandatory

On December 16Th 2021 MP Marco Mendicino said in a SECU meeting via zoom that the government was listening and they would be making the buyback of the 1500 firearms and variants mandatory.

To me it seems like they are only listening to one side, the anti-gun lobbies have been calling for a mandatory buy back since the Order in Council was first announce on MAY 1ST of 2020.

Canada’s National Firearms Association Youtube Channel