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Whoops!!! Looks like the Trudeau government has given away their true intentions

Public Safety Canada

“Violent crime involving firearms is a growing threat to public safety across Canada. The Government of Canada is taking action to address the issue – and you can, too. Together, we can keep guns out of the wrong hands

REF: Canada.ca

What concerns me is they used a picture of a hunter and a sport shooter. Did the government of Canada accidentally reveal their hand ? Minister Bill Blair has made many statements publicly that he plans on removing 1500+ assault style firearms from the streets of Canada well respecting Canadian hunters and sport shooters. I will let you be the judge if you believe his statements be true.

REF: Canada.ca

The government website was quickly updated after the firearms community caught wind and pointed out the governments true intentions, interesting enough they used a blurred image of what looks to be a crime scene with police cars. Well isn’t that rich of this government! attacking 2.2 million plus firearms owners by taking away their property and spending billions of tax payers money to do it well doing nothing to tackle the root cause of the problem.

What would you like this government to focus on?

Spending Canadian tax dollars on removing firearms from Canada’s most vetted citizens or spend money on law enforcement and programs to prevent violent crimes involving firearms ?

Jordan Vandenhoff
Jordan Vandenhoff

Sport Shooter & Firearms Rights Advocate

What Does This Mean For Tax Payers

Canada’s National Firearms Association

What Does This Mean For Tax Payers ?

Jordan Vandenhoff

Opinion Piece

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Firearm owner or not this is something that should concern all Canadian’s. The Justin Trudeau spending spree sees no end, if he’s not spending your money giving his friends contracts and lining the pockets of the already wealthy. He’s now looking at spending the Canadian tax payers money on buying back firearms that have been used safely in Canada for over the last 40 plus years. The buyback program which started off being costed out to the amount of 256 million is now north of 750+ million. Shocked ? I am not in the least, what many Canada’s do not understand there will be many other costs that will go along with the buyback program that will drive the cost up. If I had to guess north of 5 billion when you add in all the factors.

Where is this all coming from ? Well since the Liberal government took power under Justin Trudeau back in 2015 they ran on a platform of falsehoods with the use and policies of firearms. All firearms owners know this is simply not true, all the red tape you must cross in order to get a PAL or RPAL (non restricted and Restricted firearms licence) in Canada, The restrictions they must follow in regards to storage, transportation and usage. Yet the general public not interest in firearms along with the anti firearms public have no idea of the policies and red tape one must go through in order to get a firearms license in Canada, so they are the perfect target to with the Trudeau falsehoods.

Heck if I was not a sport shooter and firearms collector that had not taken a firearms training course to obtain my RPAL, I might actually believe everything the Trudeau government has been spewing out. Firearms owners are not the problem.

I feel safer on a gun range then I would walking around any metropolitan area in Canada. known criminals do not follow rules, they have no respect for the law of the land

Where Does This Leave The Tax Payers?

It leaves Canadian tax payers and future tax payers with a rather large bill and for what? will this make Canada any safer ? The anti firearms people and this government will argue yes it will make Canada safer by getting firearms off the street. Their solution remove firearms from the 2.2+ million licenses firearms owners, the ones vetted each day by the RCMP through the continuing eligibility program. Adding on to each Canadian’s debit with a total cost of over 1 billion dollars by the time you factor in every.

If we are going to spend that kind of money shouldn’t we at least try and solve the root problem. Spend money at our boarders to stop the illegal flow of firearms into the country that get diverted into the illegal market, spend money on policing in high crime areas, spend money on education in schools with firearms safety courses as well have youth programs for troubled teens steering them away from the life of gangs. lastly greater penalties for people who do not follow the laws.

I want a safer Canada just like the next person well still respecting the tax payers. wasting tax dollars on removing firearms from well vetted citizens of Canada is not the solution and not going after the real problem is only going to cost the Canadian tax payers more money after we see that this was a 1 billion plus failure.

I would love to hear your comments

Jordan Vandenhoff
Jordan Vandenhoff

Sport Shooter & Firearms Rights Advocate

C-10 Censorship

Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear

Bill C-10

As some of you may have heard there is a bill going through the House of Commons right now that if passed will censor Canadian media. This is very concerning and even more so for firearms owners. Firearms orgs such as Canada’s National Firearms Association under the new bill could be silenced with social media and internet presence. Another tool the Trudeau government and anti-firearms people will use to silence us.

If the bill C-10 passes what can we do to work around this? I have looked over the bill and it seems to leave e-mail out. If you have not already signed up for the NFA email list please sign up now by clicking HERE

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Do not let the government silence us.