The 2021 Conservative National Convention will be taking place this week online from March 18 to 20 2021. Over 5,500 convention delegates from across Canada will meet virtually to discuss policies and vote for a new National Council. The CPC National Council is responsible for overseeing the management of all party affairs except for the raising and spending of party funds, which is overseen by the Conservative Fund. The membership of the National Council and Conservative Fund are volunteer positions.

Given that there will likely be a federal election called sometime this year, and stricter gun controls will be a major Liberal election plank, it is very important to embattled law abiding Canadian firearms owners that are also CPC members to have pro-gun rights councillors representing them on National Council.

Canada’s National Firearms Association is always deeply involved with every CPC Policy Convention and routinely engages in the process to promote pro-gun policies and support aspiring councillor candidates that openly help advance the cause of gun rights in Canada.

This 2021 Virtual Conservative Policy Convention is no different. The NFA has once again worked hard to develop and move firearms policies to the convention and has interviewed most of the CPC National councillor candidates to assess their views on gun rights in Canada.

Only those candidates deemed most ardent and knowledgeable supporters of law-abiding Canadian firearms owners were formally endorsed. NFA endorsed National Council candidates are marked * and cited below to assist CPC ‘gunny’ convention delegates cast an informed vote.

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Voting for provincial National councillors starts at 12:00 pm on Friday, March 19th.
Convention delegates will receive another email ballot at that time
Delegates must fill out the exact number of choices for their province.
The voting link will expire at 3:00pm on Friday, March 19th.
Delegates who missed the initial round of voting can vote on Saturday from 12:00pm to 3:00pm


Thursday March 18, 2021 @ 1:00 PM EDT – National Council Candidate Speeches
Friday March 19, 2021 @ 12:00 PM EDT – Voting Open for National Council Election (until 3:00 PM)
Saturday March 20, 2021 @ 10:15 AM EDT – Retiring National Councillors Thank You
Saturday March 20, 2021 @ 3:30 PM EDT – National Council Election Results



(one seat available)

Patrick Hanlon
Judy Manning * NFA Endorsed


(3 Seats Available)

Valerie Assouline
Matthew Conway * NFA / Guy Morin Endorsed
Jeff Joseph
Emile Mercier
Jimmy Yu


(four seats available)

Pete Aarssen * NFA Endorsed
Shir Barzilay
Bert Chen
Jason Gorel * NFA Endorsed
Kara Johnson
Stewart Kiff * NFA Endorsed
Mary MacNeill * NFA Endorsed
Jennifer Snell
Matthijs van Gaalen
Michael Wilson
Bruce Yu


(one seat available)

Tom Harrison * NFA Endorsed
Colette Stang


(two seats available)

Pam Davidson * NFA Endorsed
Steven Dollansky
Gord Elliott
Amber Ruddy
Cynthia Williams
Debra Janzen


(two seats available)

Robert Boyd * NFA Endorsed
Mani Fallon
Larry Gray * NFA Endorsed
Fritz Radandt
Daniel Tidball

Emily Brown

Attn: Burlington Area

I’d like to introduce you to Emily Sandford Brown. She’s a friend of the Canadian firearms community. Emily is seeking your help in nominating her as a candidate for the Conservative Party riding of Burlington Ontario. Emily may already be a familiar face to you. She is well-known in the Shooting Sports industry and is a dedicated member of a number of firearms-related boards.Residing in Burlington, Ontario for 8 years, Emily has a respected role at Sheridan College, as a professor of Business Math and Business Calculus and Algebra, in the Pilon School of Business. Emily is a long-serving member of the firearms industry, devoting 48 years of involvement in shooting sports and firearms education and advocacy. She has been awarded National and Provincial championships in trapshooting competitions, holding current ladies and class titles. Emily is also a board member of the Ontario Provincial Trapshooting, the Ontario Council of Shooters, the Canadian Trapshooting Association, and the Canadian University Shooting Federation. Her bid to be nominated for candidacy in the Burlington Conservative Party is her extended commitment to bringing positive impacts to the firearms community, by advocating the rights of lawful and private ownership of firearms in Canada.A true voice for Canadian firearms owners of all calibers. How to support Emily Brown in her nomination for candidacy in Burlington, Ontario’s Conservative Party riding:Sign & Submit Emily’s Nomination Paper (for current CPC Members only)Volunteer your time during the electionSend a Monetary Donation. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or ways you can support Emily, she would love to hear from you:

Contact: Emily


Sample Letter

(Your Address) (Date)

(Name of MP) House of Commons, Parliament Buildings Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

Dear (name of MP),

I was shocked to hear that the federal Liberal government intends to allow banning of legally owned handguns in cities, and intends to ban semi-automatic rifles across Canada. I own both of these, and I am strongly opposed to such a plan. My ownership of firearms and my use of them has nothing whatsoever to do with gang violence and criminal activity.

The government’s proposals would make me a criminal. I have spent many thousands of dollars on my sports shooting activities – ammunition, parts, accessories and range membership are all expensive aspects of my activities that make a major contribution to the Canadian economy. If I live in a city with a gun ban, do I have to move away in order to keep my property, or even turn down job transfers to such places?

Using my tax dollars to confiscate my property is nothing short of offensive. My firearms and associated property are valuable and I will not willingly give them up.

In my opinion, which is supported by research (Langmann 2012), and I believe is widespread in the shooting community, most of our gun control merely wastes resources and does nothing to stop criminal activity. Canadian firearms owners are already over regulated. More gun control is not necessary. In fact, many of our gun control laws should be repealed. The money saved could better spent on programs that would save lives and make Canada a better country.

Please do not support the government’s proposal to ban my property and thus make me a criminal.

Yours truly,

(Your name typed under your signature)

Blair Expected To Table Legislation

Blair Expected To Table Legislation

Minister Bill Blair is expected to table legislation on February 16 2021. This could be regarding the buyback program of the May 1st 2020 Order In Council.

Earlier This Week

Other media source have stated the owners of the newly prohibited firearms will have a choice to either participate in selling back their property or keep their property but under very stringent rules.