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Canada’s National Firearms Association kicked off 2021 by sending out a postcard across Canada in hopes of reaching many Canadians. The target audience was firearms owners who may not engage in social media to let them know they are not alone. The post card was distributed widely in hopes of driving many Canadians to our website to learn about current firearms laws and the devastating Order in Council of May 1, 2020. It is important as many Canadians as possible understand this OIC does not enhance public safety but will be a tax burden they will be saddled with.

Since the launch of the postcard “You Are Not Alone” we have had great engagement from both firearms owners and non firearms owners

Canada’s National Firearms Association

Featured in the post card is Cassy Parker-Premack, owner/operator of K.K.S Tactical Supplies who will face great financial loss due to the Order In Council. The government banning the sale and use of more than 1500 different models of firearms they have inaccurately labeled “Military Style Assault Rifles,” is a huge blow for firearm’s businesses and enthusiasts alike.

Cassy Parker VS Canada

Sheldon Clare President of Canada’s Nation Firearms Association
Cassy Parker-Premack K.K.S Tactical

Shortly after the OIC was announced Canada’s National Firearms Association went to work, preparing to challenge the Trudeau government on the unjustified OIC that does nothing more than strip legal law abiding firearms owners of their property. Hunting and sporting activities and the role firearms play in these activities is a part of our great Canadian culture. Sheldon Clare, under the direction of Solomon Friedman, set out to find a partner in this fight. Canada’s National Firearms Association felt strongly about partnering with Cassy to demonstrate the deep financial impact this OIC is having on business owners in addition to representing the loss of enjoyment to sports shooters, hunters and collectors.

Mr Clare, an avid shopper at K.K.S Tactical Supplies approached Cassy about the partnership, offering to stand proudly together against the OIC with the NFA sheltering the financial cost of waging this battle. Mrs. Parker-Premack accepted and retained the services of Mr. Solomon Friedman and that is how the fight began. The NFA at the time of this publication is still awaiting confirmation from the courts that their application to intervene has been accepted.

Solomon Friedman, a noted firearms law expert and co-author of the Annotated Firearms Act.

Friedman intends to call evidence to demonstrate the firearms banned under the regulation (SOR/2020-96) “are reasonable for use in Canada for hunting or sporting purposes” and “do not pose a disproportionate risk to public safety.”

The NFA, Cassy Parker-Premack and the entire firearms community are standing by waiting for the federal courts to set a date to start these proceedings. This could be one of the biggest court battles that Canadians will be watching and we are proud to be on the front lines.


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Jordan Vandenhoff
Jordan Vandenhoff

Sport Shooter / Firearms Rights Advocate


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The Trudeau government has awarded a contract to IBM Canada to support the development, design and implementation of a buyback program for recently prohibited firearms.

The contract is worth almost $1.2 million, according to an award notice posted on a federal information portal.

$1.2 Million is no where close to what it is going to cost to confiscate law abiding firearms owners property!

Jordan Vandenhoff

Canada’s National Firearms Association

Charles Zach lobbyist for Canada’s National Firearms Association tried reaching out numerous to IBM for comment but was unsuccessful. In his twitter post he stated IBM Canada President Claude Guay refuses to speak with him. Zach, a strong advocate for the firearms community is determined to get the bottom of this. He will continue to reach out to IBM Canada in hopes of finding answers about why a computer software company has any business working with a government to setup a program to confiscate firearms from legal owners.

Jordan Vandenhoff
Jordan Vandenhoff

Sport Shooter / Firearms Rights Advocate


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Tillsonburg Gun Shop is a full service shop that buys, sells and trades new and used firearms. They have a large variety of shooting accessories, optics, firearms accessories, reloading supplies, ammunition, hunting supplies and range items that would make the average firearms enthusiast feel like a kid in a candy store. Tillsonburg Gun Shop also offers gun smithing.

Located at 107a Concession St E, Tillsonburg you can find the store in a little strip mall. Don’t judge a book by its cover, from the front it looks like a small store in a small town but once you walk in the doors you are blown away by all the product they have on display.

September of 2020 Well attending an NFA event at the Otter Valley Gun Club. Presenting the “Big Freakin Gun” contest winner the prize with my colleague Rick Igercich. I got the chance to do some shopping at Tillsonburg Gun Shop.

Jordan Vandenhoff shouldering a Browning Citori 725 over/under 12G

All the staff at Tillsonburg Gun Shop are very knowledgeable. Back in September 2020 when visiting the small town gun shop myself and my colleague Rick Igercich were able to interview one of the staff members Paul Johnston, when asked how gun sales were doing since the May 1St OIC gun ban from the Trudeau government Paul stated,

Gun sales have not been effected but there was an increase in shotgun sales.

Paul Johnston Employee Tillsonburg Gun Shop

Paul went on to say because of the OIC and the current COVID-19 pandemic going on around the world target shooters and hunters were stocking up more on ammunition. Some hunters are buying for the current hunting season and some customers are buying for current year and next season. At that time there was uncertainty of whether ammunition supplies would be effected with factory slow downs and shipping companies get backed up with the increased business from online sales.

Ontario Stay At Home Order

Moving forward four months later due to restrictions placed in the province of Ontario the store front is closed to people shopping inside but that has not effected their online sales and curb side picks. Ontario Director Rick Igercich drove by and stated there was a line up at the door and around the corner with customers waiting to pick up their online and call in orders.

Back in September I could not decide on the Browning 725 Citori to purchase but after shooting a few different models at the Hamilton Gun Club you will find me standing inline waiting for curb side pick up.

Jordan Vandenhoff
Jordan Vandenhoff

Sport Shooter / Firearms Rights Advocate

Ontario NFA Director Rick Igercich Sights In At 200

Remington Tactical .300 Win Mag

Ontario NFA Director Rick Igercich travels to Otter Valley Rod and Gun Club located in Straffordville Ontario. Taking his long range shots at 200 yards, Rick is testing different factory ammo and comparing the grouping.

The firearm a Remington Tactical long range tactical chambered in .300 Win Mag and equipped with a HS percision stock, Magpul magazine, Fat Bastard muzzle brake, Trigger Tech diamond trigger set to 16 ounces, Tactical Operations cheek pad, Leopold 6.6-20 VX-3 30mm side focus, Warne 20 moa tactical mounts and a Vortex scope level.

200 Yard target stand at Otter Valley Rod and Gun

The Otter Valley Rod and Gun Club is located on a 50 acre forested area just outside of Straffordville.

They have a full clubhouse with indoor shooting facilities, a kitchen and meeting area, an outdoor 200 yard rifle range, a pistol range, 4 trap fields, 10 station sporting clay range, and a large fishing pond.

Their clubhouse along with many of their shooting facilities are handicap accessible due to a recent upgrade made from a generous Trillium Foundation Grant.

Offered at Otter Valley Rod and Gun Club

Jordan Vandenhoff
Jordan Vandenhoff

Sport Shooter / Firearms Rights Advocate