Buyback Mandatory

On December 16Th 2021 MP Marco Mendicino said in a SECU meeting via zoom that the government was listening and they would be making the buyback of the 1500 firearms and variants mandatory.

To me it seems like they are only listening to one side, the anti-gun lobbies have been calling for a mandatory buy back since the Order in Council was first announce on MAY 1ST of 2020.

Canada’s National Firearms Association Youtube Channel

1 thought on “Buyback Mandatory

  1. Scott Saunders

    It will cost well over $10Billion. Based on the price they paid for Colt AR10’s at $31250 apiece, they will owe me $140,000. That includes all ammo and accessories. Why would we accept less? If they don’t pay me that amount I am not abiding by any of their nonsense regulations. What are they going to pay for the handgun ban? 30 Billion? No one seems to be making this argument. Grandfathering with no further regulations is the only way. I have written Pierre Poilivere in hopes he will address it. I hope you can too. What will happen when people don’t comply? Is Trudeau going to use his RCMP Venezuela/Daddy Castro style to bring the countries gun owners to their knees in a terror campaign kicking doors in? That won’t end well.


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