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Extremist In Gun Lobby

We’re seeing ideologically motivated, violent extremists who are using online platforms to propagate and advocate for hatred and violence against women, against religious minorities, anti-sematic and Islamophobic and hateful speech and advocating violence, and we can use these red flag laws because, I tell you many of those extremists, not every person who’s in the […]

Dumpster Fire

Firearms Control Dumpster Fire As each day passes Canada is looking a lot more like New Zealand and the dumpster fire of gun control measures they have implemented. Currently IBM Canada is working on a multi billion dollar buyback program for firearms owners to get “fair market value” for the firearms that the government has […]

Emily Brown

Attn: Burlington Area I’d like to introduce you to Emily Sandford Brown. She’s a friend of the Canadian firearms community. Emily is seeking your help in nominating her as a candidate for the Conservative Party riding of Burlington Ontario. Emily may already be a familiar face to you. She is well-known in the Shooting Sports […]