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Extremist In Gun Lobby

We’re seeing ideologically motivated, violent extremists who are using online platforms to propagate and advocate for hatred and violence against women, against religious minorities, anti-sematic and Islamophobic and hateful speech and advocating violence, and we can use these red flag laws because, I tell you many of those extremists, not every person who’s in the […]

Dumpster Fire

Firearms Control Dumpster Fire As each day passes Canada is looking a lot more like New Zealand and the dumpster fire of gun control measures they have implemented. Currently IBM Canada is working on a multi billion dollar buyback program for firearms owners to get “fair market value” for the firearms that the government has […]


YOU ARE NOT ALONE Canada’s National Firearms Association kicked off 2021 by sending out a postcard across Canada in hopes of reaching many Canadians. The target audience was firearms owners who may not engage in social media to let them know they are not alone. The post card was distributed widely in hopes of driving […]


Tillsonburg Gun Shop is a full service shop that buys, sells and trades new and used firearms. They have a large variety of shooting accessories, optics, firearms accessories, reloading supplies, ammunition, hunting supplies and range items that would make the average firearms enthusiast feel like a kid in a candy store. Tillsonburg Gun Shop also offers […]