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Liberals Are Looking For Advice

Trudeau’s government banned 1,500 popular models of shotguns and rifles in May 2020, calling the firearms “assault-style” although the Trudeau government has never defined what “assault-style” means. A new request for information posted on the government’s tender and contracts website hints that the federal department tasked with imposing Trudeau’s gun control measures absolutely have no idea how […]

Flip Flop or Not

Opinion Article CPC Leader Erin O’Toole addressing the firearms policy at a media conference in Vancouver Were you shocked? I, like many members of the firearms community, was caught off guard by Mr. O’Toole’s remarks on Sunday. The Trudeau campaign has been putting pressure on Mr. O’Toole about his firearms policy since the release of […]

Do You Think Bill Blair Noticed

Do You Think Bill Blair Noticed? As soon as the writ was dropped Canada’s National Firearms Association came out of the gates swinging. The firearms community cannot take another four years of Justin Trudeau and Bill Blair and their attacks against law abiding firearms owners for nothing more than political gain. The NFA was very active in the 2019 […]