Do You Think Bill Blair Noticed

Jordan Vandenhoff

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Do You Think Bill Blair Noticed?

As soon as the writ was dropped Canada’s National Firearms Association came out of the gates swinging. The firearms community cannot take another four years of Justin Trudeau and Bill Blair and their attacks against law abiding firearms owners for nothing more than political gain.

Paid Third Party Ad by: Canada’s National Firearms Association

The NFA was very active in the 2019 election. We focussed on swing ridings and were very successful in the riding that was held by Ralph Goodale, Bill Blair’s predecessor as the minister of public safety.

Bill Blair, when first elected, received the nickname, “the minister of nothing”. Shortly after the 2019 election Blair took on the role of public safety minister and found himself with a bunch of new nick names from the firearms community. Blair has targeted law-abiding firearms owners because he says, “they will comply”. This completely ignores the real problem and is a strategy dreamed up by Blair knowing he cannot control the criminals, lacking the manpower both on the street and at the borders.  Instead of addressing those issues Blair chooses to try and fear monger Canadian citizens into thinking the legal firearms owners are the problem and that this can be addressed with additional useless regulations. No actions taken in the last six years, under Blairs direction, have done anything to curb the gun violence. In fact, gun violence is as strong as ever and Bill Blairs ‘solution’ of Bill C-21 is nothing more than an attempt to distract Canadians from the real problems at hand. 

Canada’s National Firearms Association Is All In

Trudeau has called a snap election in an attempt to grab total power. In response, Canada’s National Firearms Association has launched its largest election based advertising campaign to date. You will see social media ads popping up all over the internet, large electronic signs being display across Canada, and our team speaking frequently and passionately across many mediums. A big focus was the city of Toronto, home to Bill Blair’s riding. The NFA has boots on the grounds and all hands on deck as the directors and members have been out placing CPC yard signs and volunteering to help their local candidates however they can.

The NFA knows this is make it or break it election for the firearms community. Another four years of Trudeau and Blair at the helm will only lead to more firearms being prohibited and further destruction of freedoms. 

Jordan Vandenhoff
Jordan Vandenhoff

Sport Shooter / Firearms Rights Advocate

14 thoughts on “Do You Think Bill Blair Noticed

  1. DGSE

    “Did He Notice”?
    I have no doubt, the demented, hate-fill sociopath BB, has seen it, but take “notice”, that I highly doubt. That would be “par for the course” for socio-psychopaths.
    Tyrants have AWAYS disarmed the “citizens” just before they “run rampant” over the Humans.
    Communism and Socialism is NEVER good for the Human. 150-200 MILLION DEAD Humans last century due to Communism and Socialism alone.
    Look no further than the HELL scape that is Australia (and New Zealand) to know your future Canada…Its is pure hell on Earth.
    Give up your rights and you will probably end up in one of the new “Wellness Camps” spring up in Australia… and rumoured to be here in Canada.
    These are serious times.


    My EDA seems to be silent. A day and a half and nobody reached out to me. I have seen no CPC election signs and heard nothing from my riding ass. since they annoucned the candidate for Thunder Bay/ Rainy River. A sad state of affairs here in the north.

  3. jean pierre nadeau

    il est temps de se debarrasserr du communiste a trudeau et ss blair car a eux seul et la police politique de montreal ne fon pas leur job on accuse les honetes gen de vendre des armes aux criminel au lieu de frapper ou est le prrobleme aller dans les reserve kanasatake et kanawake jpn un hanorable cytoyen quebecois et canadien

    1. Jordan Vandenhoff Post author

      Je suis d’accord. blair et trudeau et raté la cible. quand il s’agit de criminels, ils ratent leur cible. s’en prendre aux propriétaires d’armes à feu respectueux de la loi n’est pas la solution.

  4. Marc’ Pardis

    First thing all DICTATORS have done in the past is to vilify and take firearms away from law abiding citizens.
    We cannot let history repeat itself yet again.
    Remember the years 1933-1945 we as Proud Canadians are so much better then that.
    Going out to vote on the Sept 20th will prove we Canadians will not allow Canada to be run by DICTATORS who have been involved in scandal after scandal with no regard for our legal system.
    ie… sec. 39 or shut down government when it’s time to face the answer for their corrupt actions.
    Be a Proud Canadian at make your vote count!!!!!!!!

    1. John Richard

      What was Justin Trudeau thinking when he took an illegal drug like ‘MARIJUANA’ and made it suddenly legal?
      Was it just a governmental money-grab or did he just want to make the public more complacent? (a more zombie-like society) in order to gain even more control over the already-gentle people of Canada?

      Yet again, what was Justin Trudeau thinking when he decided to try and take away 100% LEGALLY-acquired firearms from the best known and proven to be: the most law-abiding citizens of this beautiful country of ours?
      Who other than firearm owners are constantly subject to background checks?
      For us firearm owners, our passion is a sport, thriving for better hand/eye coordination, etc…under extremely safe and controlled conditions, ONLY at specific and certified shooting ranges and under strict supervision by assigned range officers.
      For some, it is a hobby as well, others are also collectors and hunters…
      For a certain percentage of hunters, this is an essential and basic need for enabling them to feed their families.
      For a few, this is a competitive olympian sport!

      When you really think about it…
      One thing is PROVEN and CLEAR: LEGAL-firearm owners are NOT interested in committing crime!!

    2. John Richard

      Yes, make your vote count the best way possible!

      Vote against the Liberals, a tyrannical and unjust government that has the wrong priorities and are definitely misleading the public about what is good and what is bad for our society.

      Vote for FREEDOM!!

  5. Elmer Bussey

    liberals have wasted billions on a firearms bill that did not work,and never will. spend money on crime and fire protection and water bombers where it will help .

  6. Ron Ready

    We should !!!
    The only problem I see is we can’t pre pay those companies and organizations, with contracts , goods and services and donations like the Liberals can and do

  7. Luc

    Il faudrait passer de la publicité au Québec pour faire comprendre que les honnêtes propriétaires d’armes à feu ne sont pas un problème. Les crimes avec des armes à feu sont commis en général dans la grande ville de Montréal par des groupes de criminels.

  8. Brian Schultz

    If other organizations and political parties can seek out, and accept monetary donations from sources outside of Canada,
    Then why don’t pro firearms organizations do the same?


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