Emily Brown

Attn: Burlington Area

I’d like to introduce you to Emily Sandford Brown. She’s a friend of the Canadian firearms community. Emily is seeking your help in nominating her as a candidate for the Conservative Party riding of Burlington Ontario. Emily may already be a familiar face to you. She is well-known in the Shooting Sports industry and is a dedicated member of a number of firearms-related boards.Residing in Burlington, Ontario for 8 years, Emily has a respected role at Sheridan College, as a professor of Business Math and Business Calculus and Algebra, in the Pilon School of Business. Emily is a long-serving member of the firearms industry, devoting 48 years of involvement in shooting sports and firearms education and advocacy. She has been awarded National and Provincial championships in trapshooting competitions, holding current ladies and class titles. Emily is also a board member of the Ontario Provincial Trapshooting, the Ontario Council of Shooters, the Canadian Trapshooting Association, and the Canadian University Shooting Federation. Her bid to be nominated for candidacy in the Burlington Conservative Party is her extended commitment to bringing positive impacts to the firearms community, by advocating the rights of lawful and private ownership of firearms in Canada.A true voice for Canadian firearms owners of all calibers. How to support Emily Brown in her nomination for candidacy in Burlington, Ontario’s Conservative Party riding:Sign & Submit Emily’s Nomination Paper (for current CPC Members only)Volunteer your time during the electionSend a Monetary Donation. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or ways you can support Emily, she would love to hear from you:

Contact: Emily Brownemilyabrown@bell.net

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