How Much More Can A Gun Store Take ?

Jordan Vandenhoff

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When asking how much more a gun store can take the answer is simply “No More”. The Trudeau attack on firearms and the firearms community has yet to see an end.

Banning over 1500 firearms and variants through process of Order In Council has put a lot of stores in a financial hard spot. They are sitting on thousands of dollars in inventory and told they cannot return it or sell it.

How does a store survive with a business model in a hostile environment this government has put them in? Stores that adapted a new business model were shocked to find out shortly after more regulations are coming down the pipeline. Pending legislation C21 which if passed will give the RCMP the power to reclassify firearms without over sight from the government based on their interpretations of the law. Leaving stores with less product on the shelves and unsellable inventory stock.

Bill C71 Impact On Stores

Now with some of the regulations coming into force as of July 7Th from bill C71 it is going to put more red tape on stores.

Firearms owners got notice their authorization to transport had been revoked. A new one would be mailed out to them. Absent transport to a business that holds a licence authorizing it to repair or appraise.

Why the government believes any firearm owner taking their firearm to a firearm store is a risk to public safety just baffles me

Questions I keep asking myself

  • Will they have a separate call centre to handle this or do they plan to overload an already overloaded CFO office?
  • Will they reject an application based on distance?
  • Will it be a one day ATT?
  • Will the service be made available on the weekends?

Another part of C71 that has yet to come into force is the long gun registry 2.0 a back door registry that passes the buck off to the stores. They will be responsible for holding and maintaining the data either in paper form or electronic. In order to transfer a non restricted firearm you must obtain an authorization number from the government, so what does that mean for stores ? Will they have access to a web portal or will they have to call in every time to complete a sale adding stress to an already overload call centre, knowing this government the days of walking into a store and picking out a non restricted firearm paying for it and leaving is well over. A transaction that could take 10 minutes if you already knew what you were looking for can now turn into 30-40 minutes or possibly longer because you are waiting for an approval from the government.

None of these new regulations have anything to do with public safety instead they just add more paperwork and red tape to stores.

How much more can a gun store take?

Jordan Vandenhoff
Jordan Vandenhoff

Sport Shooter / Firearms Rights Advocate

15 thoughts on “How Much More Can A Gun Store Take ?

  1. Lynn Cournoyer

    Unless all of us legal firearms owners stand up and refuse to turn in our firearms, the battle is lost before it starts.

  2. Gerry Thorpe

    I wonder what the people of Canada would think if they knew that the Liberal government was playing politics with their safety.

    1. Derek Steele

      They wouldn’t think any differently than they already do, and nothing would change. The ones who are aware are legal gun owners. The heritage Liberal supporters and anti gun lobby either know already and don’t give a shit because for them it’s not a safety issue; it’s about controlling and harassing people who don’t align with their ideals. It’s about banning guns, not reducing violence and increasing public safety.

  3. michel joannette

    And yet i bet that some guns owner will vote liberal ,try to figure that one out

    1. Mike Atkinson

      I heard from a club member that he wanted the Liberal candidate to address our club before the election. He said he was working his campaign and doing everything in his power to get the Liberal elected. I said he may as well take his guns to the curb and run over them. His response? It’s okay, they don’t want our hunting guns”
      With gun owners with that outlook , we are done!

  4. jean pierre nadewau

    i am not very happy with the communist governement off trudeau and ssbill blair. this governement take care off the criminal with the pot and solid drug the peaple have to make the clean off those stupid politicien

  5. Alan Jeffrey

    This whole mess is designed to get legal gun owners to just quit the sport.
    My wife and I are ready to just give up. We might even join a gang because they get away with anything.
    We cannot trust ANY government.

  6. Shawn

    If I wanted to rule the world, I’d start by disarming the population. Cowboys and Indians proved sticks lose to guns.

  7. Douglas Reid Les Strange

    Back in the 1970s you could buy any non-restricted gun , without a Firearms Safety Course (10 Commandments of Safe Gun Handling , which came with any gun , even BB Guns ). Eldon Williams the PC Candidate for Calgary North started all of this crape with Bill C61 in 1972 ! That was defeated by The Shooting Federation of Canada and the National Firearms Association , Fish and Game Clubs , and Gun owners ! It was MOTHERS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVERS that created the present situation !!!!! This has created a series of irrational deductions , Guns , Vaping , marijuana , minority rights , Boarding Schools , gay crosswalks , main-lining junkies , street art , taxis without licensing , taxi food delivery , computer teachers , medical clinics that are questionable ; encroachment on lands and peoples rights !!!! This is because people vote for unscrupulous individuals and therefore Governments !!! They find work by finding out who is behind the corruption in the management and go along with it instead of working !!!! Most people think that hunting for food is an anachronism !!!!! To maintain the SHOOTING SPORTS , YOU WILL HAVE TO PROMOTE : Target Shooting ; Trap Shooting ; Skeet Shooting ; Competition Shooting on all levels in very safe locations , to protect life and property !!!!! By : Doug R. Les Strange

  8. ken nash

    This is just one more straw on the camels back, the obvious plan is to completely disarm the law abiding of society, and let the criminals do whatever they want. The same thing is happening south of the border, whoever is truly running the democratic party, seems bent on the destruction of the American way of life. To what end are both countries headed for? That’s the question.


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