Law-abiding Gun Owners Sick Of The Blame

You have jumped through every new hoop Ottawa could think up to burden law-abiding gun owners in the name of solving gun crime. Only to find out that’s still not enough. Law-abiding gun owners are sick of being blamed for crimes they did not commit.



20 thoughts on “Law-abiding Gun Owners Sick Of The Blame

  1. David Melvin

    As a 68 year old Canadian I have owned and used firearms safely all my life and have obeyed all the laws of the country I have not even gotten a parking ticket ,it makes me sick to see immagrants of all colours forming gangs and killing our people over drug turf and gang wars in broad day light and nothing is done but blaming us for the crisis that Trudeau has made, Instead of fighting crime he would rather enforce a U.N. agenda then enforce any of Canadas laws if I forget my ATT I can get 10 Years but a criminal can get a slap on the wrist because of their colour we need tough criminal laws and jail time not a revoling door justice system

  2. Kevin Boyle

    I applaud the sportsman’s comments and understand the frustrations of this never ending “Ground Hog Day”. Since the 1960’s assault on a community that represents ideal citizens, the ingrained approach of Canadians to finding compromise has resulted in not only losing what seems to be in perpetuity, we are being categorized as some right wing fringe group only worthy of being ostracized by the urban electorate and politicians mining for their support. Respect can only be achieved by being recognized for coming from a position of strength rather than weakness. We need to solve this dilemma before the point of no return.

  3. 1AB

    So called “Gun Control” in Canada has not worked in 50 yrs, we as a law abiding tax paying firearms community that contributes over $8 billion to the Canadian GDP, supports 48,000 jobs for families, friends, loved ones, and with more Canadians participating in Hunting/Shooting Sports than “Hockey” the story tells itself. We have “Compromised” enough over the decades by the erosion of our History, Identity, Culture, Way of Life, Rights and Freedoms. We are the safest demographic in Canada, yet ever time a shooting happens we’re the first to be blamed, first to be taxed, and the last to be considered. I’m tired of being slandered, unjustly punished, ostracized, and scapegoated by politicians, special intrest groups, and the general public.


  4. Whitey

    And if you thought it couldn’t get any worse , The Bureau now has Sheriffs trying to complete renewal and new applications ( passing the resume around ) for gun liscences ( truckloads of lost information , “ we only look at the first page syndrome “ and “ can you send that again “ ) .

  5. James Martin

    I don’t think we should be sitting on the sidelines waiting for the next election. We need to get proactive instead of reactive. If we have to let’s raise some more money and use it to educate the uneducated public. I have told many people about all the restrictions placed on firearms owners, they are amazed at the way we are treated by the government.

  6. B Gaskin

    Could not agree more. The crime problem is from unlicensed criminals and smuggled guns, augmented by a lax justice system.
    Like most owners we are law abiding citizens trained licensed and responsible. While the average Canadian does not want to own guns, they should defend the right of law abiding citizens to do so. The government is cynically attacking law abiding citizens, spending vast amounts that should be directed at dealing with smuggling of illegal weapons and the criminals that buy them.

  7. John Crawford-Brown

    Firearms have always been a part of my life and indeed were an ever present fixture in the rural Ontario community in which I grew up. The shooting sports, and hunting figure prominently in my life today at 53 years old. I am passing the tradition on to my two daughters now as they reach the age to participate.
    Canada has extremely strong laws governing the possession and legal use of firearms. In fact some might say they err on the side of “caution “ where the details are concerned. We are fortunate to have knowledge and facts at our disposal today, as never before. Therefore we know that an almost statistically insignificant percentage of gun related crime in Canada is committed by lawful firearms owners. The same goes for firearms sourced in Canada. Criminals intent on committing crimes use firearms (generally pistols)
    To murder and maim each other as well as innocent bystanders. This is not a question. Therefore it’s completely inconsequential to criminal activity to restrict and confiscate legal firearms while casting disparaging reflections on the millions of law abiding, upstanding members of the firearms community. We are a very diverse and eclectic group, so to attempt to label our community is a rash thing to do.
    Personally, I’m tired of seeing small, very vocal, special interest groups taking such influential roles in the crafting of punitive legislation clearly targeted at legal firearms, and the millions of Canadians who own them and having zero bearing on gun crime in Canada at large. It is a thinly disguised, and totally unjustified, aggression directed towards a group innocent Canadians. It is government overreach at its finest, it is dishonest, it is unethical, and uncanadian. Nobody in this country should have the ability to interfere with another Canadians lifestyle simply because they don’t like it. I’m tired of hearing about how bothering legal gun owners is justified in the name of safety, when there is yet to be a shred of evidence to justify such an intrusion into the private lives and choices of millions of Canadians. Its a terrible precedent to allow to be set, and could and probably would be used again to abrogate still more choices of Canadians…from ANY community. Not to mention that its an extravagant misuse of our tax dollars considering the challenges that surround us today. And it calls into question the judgment of our prime minister to pursue such a nakedly ideological course of action.

  8. Steve S

    This gun ban and the lack of communication from the federal government has forced me to do the unspeakable as a collector, sportsman and firearms enthusiast. I went from 125 firearms to 35 (not including my “new prohibs”). Selling off my collection to licensed owners was the only way I saw getting “fair compensation” from our Liberal government. Mr Trudeau and his Liberal government have decimated a sport and a hobby for me. Safes once filled with firearms, years of history, tools for Subsistence and overall joy; now bring uncertainty and fear.
    Picking low hanging fruit knowing firearms owners will comply with only formal resistance (court challenges, petitions and lawful protests) will allow the safety minister to fluff their feathers on the news, as they claim to have removed millions of GUNS from our streets.

  9. John

    I, for one, am sick and tired of this government always trying to make us (legal gun owners) look responsible and to make us pay for PROBLEMS THAT ARE CAUSED ONLY BY CRIMINALS!!!
    This situation has to be made just and fair for legal firearm owners, we are not the PROBLEM!!!

    Mr. Justin Trudeau, stop trying to take our legally-acquired privileges away and please put your energy and OUR tax dollars toward cracking down on the CRIMINALS instead of the most law-abiding citizens in this country of ours.

    Thank you in advance

  10. Neil Muzyka

    Hello fellow members ,
    I’m a life member of the NFA, CSSA and a patriot life member of the NRA, and proud recreational hunter , sports shooter and trap shooter,
    What on earth has the government in their minds , sawdust ? How can anyone point a finger and accuse us as the problem to these horrible shootings , we all know darn well whom is doing all this but the powers too be look the other way, disgusting

  11. Dave Rhodes

    This has NOTHING to do with gun violence and EVERYTHING to do with that totalitarian TURD that we have running our government wanting to disarm Canadians so he can impliment his communist agenda with as little resistence as possible .

  12. Jim mackle

    Yes, I have had enough. Always blaming us is the most ridiculous thought pattern ever.

  13. Gord Husak

    I am sick and tired of being blamed for stupidity of abnormal people do something soon

  14. Donald Little

    I think we legal firearms owners are missing the main point here. The maniacal Trudeau and his gang of crooks are intent on disarming Canadians period. The question is, what are wqe going to do about that?

  15. Bernhard Derksen

    My firearms are great at hitting steel targets and punching holes through paper.
    I follow every law, no matter how nonsensical, and never pointed or threatened a human with a firearm. Still, every gun toting criminal will not follow the law. How am I to blame?

  16. edward kennedy

    There is one response to all this hoplophobic BS and that is resist, ignore, and carry on in total disregard of fake gun laws by crimional coddling leftist losers.

    1. edward kennedy

      Nothing, just ignore all the turdo vomit the hoplophobic crowd of kooks is scooping up in silver plated spoons made in China and swallowing.


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