What’s Next ?

Jordan Vandenhoff

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What’s Next?

Lost Election

While election 2021 #ELXN44 did not go our way, it could have been worse. The Trudeau government called the election thinking they were going to gain a full majority government which would help advance their agenda, rushing bills through parliament at a rapid pace. This was not the case as Canadians pushed back, only giving Trudeau a minority government.

This election delivered a stinging loss for not only the PC Party, but Canada as a whole! Under the leadership of Erin O’Toole, the Progressive Conservative Party appeared divided on key policies. Internal discord was obvious and many have reflected on Mr. O’Toole seemingly steering the party towards the progressive left appearing to alienate some of the core electorate.

During the election Mr. O’Toole flipped and flopped on many different issues including carbon tax, vaccine passports and gun control. O’Toole, armed with his strategy to capture more votes from the left leaning, ended up doing exactly the opposite. It is clear from final results many voters who originally supported O’Toole’s stance on these flip flop issues redirected their support to the smaller fringe party, The People’s Party of Canada. The result was both clear and harsh; losses in key swing ridings to Trudeau’s Liberals. 

While it is hard to find a positive in this expensive, fruitless election the closest would be that the Conservatives were able to hold the Liberals from getting a full majority.  

Guns A Wedge Issue?

During and before the election many polling companies were at work determining the key issues of concern for Canadians. At the top of the priority list was the economy and covid. The ‘gun control’ issue was only a playing card the Liberals were holding in their back pocket. When struggling for support after a rough start to the campaign the Liberals trotted out their sudden concern for how Mr. O’Toole would handle their gun control legislation, framing this as a top concern for Canadians that simply failed to make the many advanced polls. This deceptive Liberal election strategy put Mr. O’Toole in a tough spot. He chose his words very carefully trying not to lose support from the firearms community while simultaneously appealing to the left leaning undecided voter.

My thoughts on O’Toole’s statement indicating he was not rolling back the assault weapons ban were that he had no intention of rolling back the legislation introduced in 1977. He also went on to indicate he would not change the May 1ST 2020 order in council “assault style weapons ban” and he would review the firearms act and classification system. This all lead me to believe he was planning to keep the OIC in place while diligently evaluating the entire classification system. After a fair review the firearms that were included in the OIC should be reclassified back to their original status. A play on words, sure, but Mr. O’Toole was backed into a corner and felt he had to secure the left leaning votes that could flee. The unexpected back lash was alienating some firearms community voters causing them to protest by either moving their vote to another party or simply not going out to vote at all.

What’s Next?

  • Toughen our laws on banned assault weapons by making it mandatory for owners to either sell the firearm back to the government for destruction and fair compensation or have it rendered fully and permanently inoperable at government expense.
  • Crack down on high-capacity magazines and require that long gun magazines capable of holding more then 5 rounds be permanently altered so that they can never hold more than 5 rounds.
  • Ban the sale or transfer of magazines that could hold more than a legal number of bullets, regardless of how they were intended to be used by the manufacturer.

A few of the highlights listed in the 2021 Liberal election platform that legal hunters and safe sport shooters need to be deeply concerned about.

Now that the election is over, and politicians are heading back to Ottawa we can quickly expect a re-introduction of what was C-21 before Trudeau dissolved government. The bill will have to be re-introduced and will probably not hold the same name C-21. I suspect they will make changes to the bill from the original one to add the provisions listed above. The Liberals were clear in their election platform that the buyback from the “assault style weapons ban” will be mandatory after facing backlash from the anti-gun groups. 

What is the outlook for firearms owners in possession of prohibited class firearms? Not good at all, the Liberals have yet to figure out the actual cost of a ‘buyback program’. Deepening the suffering, many owners are now convinced they will be required to surrender their firearms without reimbursement. The lack of concern for the potential financial impact to gun owners in addition to the loss of freedom and enjoyment is shocking. 

There are many legal challenges currently against the OIC of May 1ST 2020. After losing the election, these challenges are our remaining hope to stop further gun control and save firearms owners from having to hand over their safely stored property. It is not going to be an easy battle as the Canadian courts have agreed to hear the case but at a date that comes after the end of the amnesty period firearms owners were given.

Will They Make You Choose?

There is currently an injunction filed requesting that the amnesty period be extended. Firearms owners have until May 1ST 2022 to turn in their newly prohibited firearms to police or face possible criminal charges. The Trudeau government has flip flopped as well which leaves firearms owners guessing what will be next? 

The Trudeau government first announced it would create a buyback program promising firearms owners ‘fair compensation’. They then flipped and indicated there would be an option for owners to choose if they want to sell back their firearms or keep them in the gun safe with no ability to use them. During the election platform they pivoted again decrying the buyback will be mandatory! Trudeau has failed to share any details on this “buyback program” they keep tossing around and there are only a few months left till the end of the amnesty period. It is highly unlikely the gun community will get answers or clarity behind Trudeau’s plans anytime soon.


Jordan Vandenhoff
Jordan Vandenhoff

Sport Shooter / Firearms Rights Advocate

16 thoughts on “What’s Next ?

  1. Norman Munro

    I have a semi auto rifle on the Liberal Government’s ban list. I have high capacity magazines for it which have been spiked to hold only five rounds.
    Why should I keep them this way? There is no deterrent value in keeping a legal magazine for an illegal gun!

  2. Hatman1793

     Of the 5 candidates the CPC allowed to run for the leadership position vacated by *other priorities* Scheer, did the new leader, Erin O’Toole, make a difference at the September election?
    After surprise announcements & policy deviations from the adopted national CPC convention, did this help O’Toole & the CPC? Was it a bold smart move by O’Toole to move the CPC to the center-left on the political spectrum?

    It’s pretty clear that most Kandians didn’t want a Federal election. Of the 27 million registered voters only 16 million actually voted, or a paltry 59%. It was the second lowest turnout since 2008. Put another way, 2 in 5 didn’t vote. And it cost C$610 million dollars with pretty much the same result, continuing an astonishing inept, corrupt & censorious Liberal minority. Kanadian’s it seems, just aren’t fed up with the Liberals yet.

    The big question is how much did the firearms community help the CPC get elected? All the vocal firearms community actively encouraged gun club members, firearms owners & firearms organizations to “only” support the CPC. Claiming that not voting for the CPC might “split~the~vote” & deny the CPC a local win. Unfortunately this failed strategy gets invoked every election but doesn’t produce results. This election & the previous one proved that this political concept is a failure.

    The failed “split~the~vote” concept won’t die either, it gets trotted out each time with no traction. What it does accomplish is to enable the election of weak conservative-in-name-only Leaders for CPC. Former Conservative PM Harper didn’t start out weak & had six (6) years of majority government to help lawful gun owners. On the issue of firearms offences *minimum mandatory sentences* legislation the CPC passed into law, Harper let the Supreme Court over-ride & cancel the new rules. Harper should have used the “Notwithstanding “ clause to codify these firearm sentences into law, legitimately punishing firearms offenders that Canadians wanted incarcerated. Nope. The Harper gov’t gave little time & legislation help to the firearms community to repeal/replace bill C68. It only took O’Toole two weeks to back~off on the repeal of the Liberals unnecessary OIC. Truly awful….

    The Conservative leader’s move to the political left & his mild acceptance of the Liberal’s destructive & dangerous OIC stunned the firearms community as much as appearing to backstab them as supporters. It seems that these two moves mostly were attempts to appeal to disenchanted Liberal voters. Further, alienating the firearms community appears not to have either hurt O’Toole & the CPC, or helped them. The Firearms Community blind support was again taken for granted. O’Toole offered the Firearms voting Community nothing, promised them nothing, but achieved nothing.

    The bad news for O’Toole & the CPC’s move to the left, is that it just didn’t work. The CPC just cannot strip out enough Liberal & NDP voters to add to their seats. O’Toole’s leftward move & Liberal-lite policy changes, some would rebrand as flip~flops, just didn’t attract more voters.

    One *key* takeaway here was the abandonment or downgrading of the firearms community support by O’Toole. It looks like the CPC enjoys the firearms community support but they just don’t amount to enough of a significant voting group to actually make a difference. But the CPC cannot make up that difference elsewhere. It seems to me that O’Toole knew or was told that the Firearms Community support in the overall campaign would be insignificant, so he bailed on the OIC repeal issue. The CPC under O’Toole achieved nothing. Where to go from here & who should the Firearms Community rally around next time?

    I’m beginning to think that proportional representation might be worth a try.

  3. Gary Kangas

    You forgot the 24 ridings that would have been won by the conservatives if were not for the spoiler vote of the ppc. Maxime Bernier sour grapes sore loser will keep us in a liberal government if he has his way.

  4. Rick

    How is it that a handful of anti-gun fear-filled eccentrics can dictate to the government what they want (and be taken seriously), yet hundreds of thousands of gun owners sign a legal petition and the government ignores them? How is this being allowed? This is fundamentally wrong and there should be some sort of rule / charter against this… against where a few over-panicky fear mongerers can dictate to thousands and be involved in rule making for what they know little to nothing about.

    1. John Crawford

      Its worse. These people are actually hostile to the subject (firearms), and yet are influencing policy around the table of discussion! What?! That’s like a lawyer being allowed to prosecute the person who murdered one of his family members. I just isn’t done. For obvious reasons. Reasons which have evidently been suspended in the case of firearms. Once again, another prime example of the liberals having one set of standards for themselves, and those “in their favour”, and a totally different set that apply to everyone else.
      Where the hell is that judge with some “justice “?!!

  5. Dale Gay

    Supposedly the Blood Reserve cannot have their firearms regulated. Sir John A MacDonald passed legislation in Parliament stipulating that the Blood Reserve be bequest this protection of their firearms for not taking part in the Riel Rebellion. Queen Victoria gave the Legislation Royal Assent. Criminal Law has to be applied equally across the Board.
    In addition, has the James Bay Cree been consulted regarding the OIC and subsequent Bills? Read Page 1 of the Constitution!

    1. Jeff Schmidt

      Well the real problem here is that a person like Justin Trudeau should never have been elected to lead Canada as he has no clue he formed a cabinet based on gender,skincolor,ethnicity,sexual preference instead of people that are experts in making decisions based on facts not fear people across canada have to stop paying the price for the crime and gang violence in the big cities Toronto,Montreal,Vancouver but OH! I FORGOT THOSE PLACES ARE THE CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE IN HIS mind Stiffer penalties cut down smuggling and clean up our borders would be a great start But what’s better than pandering to a few bitter women that survived the polyteq shooting
      It is sad that Lepine murdered 14 women but Tudeau grand scheme for law biding gun owners will do nothing to stop gang violence

  6. John Crawford

    Amazing that Trudeau can still be a problem after all of he and his peoples blatant corruption, racism, hate speech (against gun community), and total failures and abuses of process! To think, most of Canada voted against him, yet there he is! Disgusting!
    And also disgusting the manner in which he, his cronies, and the small group representing the anti gun community are assaulting, and defaming, 2.2 million firearms owners and fellow citizens for no other reason than thinly veiled matters of taste! If any other group was being targeted in this manner to there would be charges pending, and officials being fired from office! But its ok for elected officials (Bill Blair) to be on record stating “not all the gun lobby are fanatics, but all the fanatics are in the gun lobby”. Chortle chortle! What a foolish sentiment for a man in his office to openly express! I live for the day when liberal Canadians realize with horror that they never should have allowed such precedents to be established, and this same insane application of power is used to take away rights that they cherish. I will laugh.

  7. Charles Schafer

    Regarding the buy back ,we should expect to receive the replacement cost of the firearm just in case this poorly-conceived law is struck down in the future. The Mayor of Montreal recently announced the addition of 100 new police officers that will focus on urban crime & gangs. At the end of the day, that program will save many more lives than the buyback because it has the proper focus on non-law – abiding individuals.

  8. Morgan Chenier

    We need to stop using the term ‘buy back’ or selling the guns ‘back to the government’. I did not buy my firearms from the government. And call this government action for what is a confiscation with limited compensation. I expect to be told I’ll be getting pennies on the dollar for my firearms. Notice I didn’t use the word ‘offer’ and offer implies I can negotiate a better deal. I doubt that will happen.

    1. Jordan Vandenhoff Post author

      You are correct. it is a forced confiscation ! there will be no negotiate only two choices turn them in for pennies on the dollar or have someone visit your home and take them. We still have the court case so not all hope is lost yet. I have been hearing many people saying the government is not getting sh*t, that is great if everyone is on the same page but after the reports of one or two people getting arrested the sheep will fall in line 🙁

      1. Morgan Chenier

        I don’t think the govt was expecting the pushback from us in the courts. That is a good thing, let them squirm. As for not turning them in. We are all going to have to make that decision individually. Each of us our going to have, to on some degree, judge what our priorities are. I have a family and a career to think about. Doesn’t mean they aren’t getting my receivers embedded in a bucket of cement.

        1. CLAY STOWELL

          give up nothing. your family won’t gain on anything the government will pay. Probaly just go buy a couple bolt guns or shotguns with the money anyway.

      2. Gordon Grice

        If we all (all 2.2 million of us) took one gun that we didn’t like very much and on the same day, at the same hour took them and turned them in to the RCMP; would that not totally overwhelm their ability to process each gun. By the time they researched each one for category etc their present systems for handling same firearms would start to smoke. Just a thought and oh yeah I do not have any one firearm that I don’t like ery much.

      3. Jack Burley

        I live in what we call Central Ontario. I can drive for a long time without seeing a house. Me and my friends don`t plan on surrendering any of ours. I can still remember my father who fought for Canada in WW2, say when they want you to register your firearms, you better hide one, because it won`t be long before you`ll need it. The first thing Hitler did, when he got into power, was to take all the guns; and in every other country he took over. Read Gun Control In The Third Reich. Sound familiar?


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