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Whoops!!! Looks like the Trudeau government has given away their true intentions

Public Safety Canada

“Violent crime involving firearms is a growing threat to public safety across Canada. The Government of Canada is taking action to address the issue – and you can, too. Together, we can keep guns out of the wrong hands

REF: Canada.ca

What concerns me is they used a picture of a hunter and a sport shooter. Did the government of Canada accidentally reveal their hand ? Minister Bill Blair has made many statements publicly that he plans on removing 1500+ assault style firearms from the streets of Canada well respecting Canadian hunters and sport shooters. I will let you be the judge if you believe his statements be true.

REF: Canada.ca

The government website was quickly updated after the firearms community caught wind and pointed out the governments true intentions, interesting enough they used a blurred image of what looks to be a crime scene with police cars. Well isn’t that rich of this government! attacking 2.2 million plus firearms owners by taking away their property and spending billions of tax payers money to do it well doing nothing to tackle the root cause of the problem.

What would you like this government to focus on?

Spending Canadian tax dollars on removing firearms from Canada’s most vetted citizens or spend money on law enforcement and programs to prevent violent crimes involving firearms ?

Jordan Vandenhoff
Jordan Vandenhoff

Sport Shooter & Firearms Rights Advocate

37 thoughts on “WHO IS THE REAL TARGET

  1. a case

    Hi Folks A previous commenter requested that we all use proper grammar and spelling. This is a very emotional topic. Please be advised that the opposition also examines these posts and they will use the more unhinged emotional rants to back up their claims that gun owners are all “ignorant rednecks.” I’m a red neck and proud of it but “profiling” is the tactic that they use. We need to work with the municipal, provincial and federal politicians to change things.

  2. jean pierre nadeau

    il est temps de ce debarrasser du communiste truudeau et de son ss blair il preferre les criminel et avec son pot pour les jeunes que de faire une societer juste et honnete. cest le temps de les envoyer sur les rose ce nest pas nous les chasseur et tireur dans les club de tir qui cauons les probleme regarder les rcmp ce quil on fait a la turie de nouvelle ecosee il etait au courant de ce qui est arriver decition ne rien faire et mettre ce merdier sur le dos de nous les honnetes gens.jpnadeauyu

  3. Clive Reddin

    Gang shooting is like having a boat with a hole in it. Until you fix the leak, water will get in. Stopping smuggled guns at the border won’t make gang shootings stop immediately but it’s a step in the right direction. Taking firearms away from trained and licenced permit holders won’t stop gang shootings, plugging the source at the border will help.

  4. David DeCosse

    Who are the real criminals we have a privilege born spoiled brat who has to grow a beard so people will belive he is a mature adult. We have a ex police chief who would know how ORGANINED CRIME IS SO POWERFULL in this country. Yet they sell the lie that taking guns from HONEST CANADIANS will help public safety. Yet when a concerned Canadian writes trudeau ,goodale and blair about lack of rcmp action against hells angles grow opps in our neighbour hood they do not answer or care. They are the real criminals buying votes from the gullible

  5. Leon Laderoute

    The Liberals are so concerned with getting reelected they will do and say anything. Demonizing law abiding citizens and exploiting the tragedies of crime victims is just par for their course.

  6. Ron Ready

    So true this. But it is easy to bs the Urbans into believing the out and out lies and inuendos this government puts out ! Thus controlling votes. ( little potato 🥔) is playing the roll of his life ! and wishes fame and glory. So will do whatever people in the UN ask .

  7. Scott Manning

    Fuck the faggott turdo and his toy blair. Hopefully both of these pieces of shit will be voted out soon. ASSHOLES.

  8. Luke Naugler

    It’s all for votes. Trudeau and his counter parts don’t give a $&@! about anyone’s safety in this country. This is going far beyond just taking our firearms away. These tyrants are only about their own agenda. People of every walk of life in this country need to put our differences aside and stand together, otherwise this is only going to get worse. This is only the beginning.

  9. Luc Coderre

    Le gouvernement Trudeau joue Ă  l’autruche et ne fait que protĂ©ger les vrais criminels.
    On s’entend que les milieux criminels, (eux) ne se sentent pas menacer, ce sont les propriĂ©taires d’armes lĂ©gales qui absorbent tous les coups.
    Moi et ma conjointe sommes des chasseurs du Québec et jamais je ne donnerai mon vote au parti de M. Trudeau et croyez moi que nous ne sommes pas seul à penser de cette façon.

  10. Steve

    Taking guns from licensed owners will not stop the shootings. Stopping the smuggling will definately help but you have to attack this at the root of the problem – give the kids who enter gangs some hope and help them train for a job or education… give them a reason to not go into the gangs. But attacking hunters and sport shooters is the Liberals just trying to get votes. It will do NOTHING and they know it.

  11. Neil Muzyka

    I raised my boy to be kind , respectful of people , share with your friends, a popsicle has two pieces, I’m so proud I can say this for our liberal government cannot.

  12. Dale Hines

    Trudeau is an a liar, you know he is lying because his lips are moving. It is astonishing that any intelligent person believes his slick agenda as public safety when it is just an ideological campaign to totally disarm the law abiding legal gun owners. Welcome to Canadastan folks

  13. Frank Szabo

    Typical of a communist govt. Trudeau is a Weasel and so is Blair they are a embarrassment to this country and yes the liberals and the RCMP want to disarm this country.They have to be stopped and put into there place.They need to be defeated in the next election.

  14. J.F.Davidson

    I would like everyone posting to this site to please check your grammar and spelling before posting. If your grammar is bad and spelling bad as well it indicates that you may not be well educated. Please indicate that you are intelligent enough to own firearms by using good English grammar and spelling.

    1. mike pawlik

      This isn’t an english essay. It’s whether or not you want a boot on your neck. Won’t happen to me. Take a trip to Venezuela, you are having it happen before your eyes. More Liberal BS. Game will be coming soon. The good guys and girls win

    2. Lee ogeil

      Well said, a poor choice of words and lousy grammar can make one look very stupid very fast, be wise in your reply.

    3. Frank

      Fuck your spelling and grammar and get to the real program . You piece of shit. How’s my spelling and grammar know . Fuck you.

      1. Pat

        No need for trashtalk bro, especialy in this group , between us , lets stand together 🖖🏼

  15. Gordon

    They are trying to make criminals out of legal gun owners the liberal agenda is to control our ability also to defend our selves they want us to politely ask criminals to leave our home when they do a home invasion also think of this analogy guns kill people like spoons made Rosie O’Donnell fat

  16. J.F.Davidson

    I wonder if anyone realizes that there are thousands of retired Police Officers who have rifles and handguns in their possession. These are very well trained, competent and safe gun handlers. If the government removes these retirees guns then that is one less line of defence we have in our country. Police do not forget their training in firearms and train with them several times a year. The average firearm license holder takes a couple of days training at the start and then no more after that time. Please don’t place these retirees in the same group as the average person. Those police retirees could save you some day when you least expect it.

    1. Frank Szabo

      There are also thousands of retired military that own rifles and pistols , and are very well trained.


        These retires will also lose their rifles and handguns if the Liberals get back in. There might not be a snap election because the NDP do not want to lose their power partnership with Trudeau. There must be a fight for us without an election. My MP won’t acknowledge my letters because he knows I am a firearms owner. Never give up a single firearm!!

  17. Steven

    That’s all Trudeau and Blair have been saying is we are not attacking legal gun owners but that’s all these new bills are designed to do. They both must go

  18. Danny

    The Libetal, Justin Trudeau PM wants gun out of the general population. Why?
    He must prepare something big and disgusting in the back ground….so population can not revolts and protest. Once he will successfully disarms all legal gun owner,it will be easy for him to get canadian on their knees. Any country did that was preparing a big and controversial change in the regime. That very less will be willing to accept.
    Be aware…..its only the begining.

  19. William Poulsen

    If The PM was truly invested in reducing crime he and his Public Safety Minister would ask the Police and Border Security what they need to find a solution to the shootings. Developer a program and fund it. Wasting tax payers money on a buyback program for firearms that are in the hands of responsible Canadians is a complete waste of time and money. Also, those anti gang programs that get almost nothing for funding, increase there funding. Despondent youths are not something that this country can be proud of.

  20. John crawford-Brown

    Considering the fact that criminals who use guns don’t follow government rules, or care how illegal their firearms of choice are, its sadly obvious that reclassifying firearms as prohibited, imposing onerous new registration, storage requirements, legal threats, etc. Only impact legal firearms owners who have nothing of substance to do with the gun crime issue, but are law abiding people.
    Criminals don’t care how many laws and processes are imposed on anything…thats why they’re called “outlaws”! But Pierre Trudeaus little boy would have had to really roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty to deal with actual gun violence. That might have been a lot less likely to result in favourable results…so its a lot easier to betray 2.2 million fellow Canadians for the sake of winning the favour of a large group of folks either ignorant to firearms facts, or generally hostile by default to the entire topic. But thats how it’s done in politics, right? We mustn’t be naive…it’s nothing personal, we’re just expendable. The fact that politicians are allowed to misrepresent themselves in order to get elected, and not be fired without a pension when they utterly fail to deliver (to put it mildly) while the rest of certainty don’t enjoy such leniency is another topic for discussion. Disgraceful.

  21. Monte Nemeth

    I suppose Trudeau and Blair wouldn’t have an “city hall” publicly and televised debate on totally missing the point of crime involving firearms. Not “gun crime”. Guns can’t commit crimes, silly rabbit.

    1. Dave Fredriksen

      I can’t stand Trudeau, every time I see him TV I turn the channel. This week he made a statement that 36 percent of the Alberta voting public agree with his government. I find that hard to believe.

      1. J.F.Davidson

        If any government official makes a statement including percentages for and against whatever policy then they should be required to prove that statement to be true. 35% is just what it is……35%. Ask him to show and tell to prove it to be absolutely true.

  22. Barbara Bedford

    We know the Trudeau govt isn’t interested in reducing crime. He’s reduced their sentences and time in jail. They are out the next day after arrest. They are emboldened to shoot in broad daylight near schools and daycares. Trudeau doesn’t go after the illegal gun owners. He is only interested in disarming law abiding citizens. Similar to other dictators.

    1. Wayne Woodford

      Too many liberal lawyer friends get rich with tax dollars defending these parasites who sell drugs that kill people & shoot up the streets who then donate to the liberal party to keep the revolving doors turning! DISGUSTING!!!!!

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